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Black Dog Radon Services is a small privately owned company and not a franchise.   Our product is radon solutions and nothing else since we have no other sidelines or offer other non radon related services.  Our quality is consistent and we prefer to remain small focused on great radon solutions. We only have an A Team.  Our prices are competitive and offer a great product at a reasonable cost.

We are members of AARST and are NRPP certified in both radon Mitigation and radon Measurement.  Since we follow national standards, our standards are higher in States that have no regulations relative to radon mitigation and/or radon testing.

We have a physical Presence in Nashua, NH and East Falmouth, MA.  We are legally registered entities in both States with proper and current paperwork doing business in the surrounding areas.   Our plan is remain local so we can give better support to our customers.  We do not have a virtual presence in places out of our areas nor do we pretend to be everywhere.        


Radon Qualifications                   Eino Anttila, Owner            EAA CA Pic crop

Owned and started radon company established 2004

AARST-NRPP Residential Mitigation Provider 103817 RMT

AARST-NRPP Residential Measurement Provider 103104 RT

AARST/NRPP Speaker Bureau Member - available to give 15-20 minute public information presentations on radon

Radon Mitigation Mentor for CERTI Mitigation Training Class

Published paper on “Radon Testing with Data Loggers” presented at the 14 annual International Radon Symposium, September 2005

AARST Mitigation Professional RRNC                                rrnc-badge



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Black Dog Inspections, LLC, Radon Testing & Service, Nashua, NH