Certified Radon Measurements

All Black Dog Radon Services radon tests are performed by AARST NRPP measurement certified personnel which varies on their particular device certifications.  We typically use Continuous Radon Monitors (CRM) for short term radon testing.  Black Dog Radon Services can use the Sun Nuclear models 1028-XP and 1030 for quick turn around reports.  Once the test is completed the data can be down loaded to a mobile phone, cloud or a computer to provide the report.   These particular units (Sun 1028-XP & 1030) require an analytical certification for each device.


Sun 1030


All short term radon measurements require a 12 hour closed house condition prior to test start and a minimum of 48 hours of test time with closed house conditions.


When Should You Perform a Professional Radon Test?

Thinking of selling your property  - test before you place you home on the market. Know your position on radon levels up front and show the buyers a credible radon measurement report.

Buying a home - get a credible radon test by a qualified certified radon professional.

Had a mitigation system installed - get an independent verification of the radon level.

A homeowner that has never had a test. The EPA recommends that all homes be tested. Testing is the only way to identify your radon comfort level.

A homeowner that has altered the property soil characteristics, added on to an existing home, installed a sump pump or installed an internal drainage system loop.


All of our radon measurement projects follow the strict protocol of the radon measurement standards and comes with a formal report which not only includes the radon data but all of the supporting data for the test.  If you are testing, why pay money for a non nationally certified test technician, questionable measurement device or procedure - hire a NRPP certified test professional for a credible report.